Bismuth (25 POUNDS)

  • $183.00

Bismuth 99.99% Minimum Purity.  This is for 25 pounds.  Quantity of 1 = 25 lbs.  You will receive a total of 25 lbs. of Bismuth.  

Various weight increments available (from 1 lb. to 50 lbs.)  If you are looking for larger quantities, please contact us for a price quote.

The size and shape of the ingots/chunks you receive vary but the total weight will equal the weight purchased. The chunks are broken from a slab of Bismuth that measure 1" thick x 15" long and 6" wide.  The larger the order the larger the pieces you will receive.

Bismuth is atomic element No. 83 on the periodic table of elements.  Bismuth is an organically-safe substitute for lead. Having the same density of lead but is non-toxic, used to make shot for shotgun shells, fishing lures and low melt alloys. We have many customers that buy our bismuth to grow crystals.   

Bismuth has many interesting properties. It has a relatively low melting point, 520 degrees Fahrenheit making it useful for alloying with other metals.  Bismuth has a very low thermal conductivity, expands as it cools and has a very high diamagnetic value. Unlike lead it is a brittle metal, it will break onto crystalline chips when hit with a hammer.