Cerrobend (Bolton 158)

Cerrobend (Bolton 158)

  • $15.50


  • Also known as Bolton 158
  • Weight = 1 pound - Dimension: 3" Hex x ¼" H (approximate)
  • Eutectic Alloy
  • Melting Temperature 158ºF or 70.0º C
  • Density .339 lbs./In      9.4 g/cc
  • Rapid immediate growth to a maximum .0057” per inch.

Alloy is used to anchor bushing in drill jigs; internal or external support of delicate parts for machining; cores for spinning; fusible mandrels in filament winding, fiberglass lamination; drop hammer and embossing dies; tube bending filler (up to 1-3/4” diameter); heat transfer medium in processing plastics, chemicals, etc.

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