Cerrotru (Bolton 281)

Cerrotru (Bolton 281)

  • $23.50


  • Also known as Bolton 281
  • Weight = 1 pound - Dimension: 5½” L x 1½ W x ½" H (approximate)
  • Eutectic Alloy 
  • Contains the following metals - Bismuth and Tin                       
  • Melting Temperature 281º F or 138.0º C
  • Density .315 lbs./In
  • 8.7 g/cc Net maximum expansion .0005" per inch.

Alloy is used to anchor shafts in permanent magnet rotors, locator members in aircraft assembly fixtures, metal parts in glass, magnets in fixtures.  Make nests for parts in jigs and dial feed stations; cores for electroforming; embossing dies, form blocks; joggle jaws; lost wax pattern dies; duplicate foundry patterns; tracer models in profiling.  Molds: For plastic; encapsulating; forming sheet plastics; plastic teeth, prosthetic development, potting electronic components; lead free low temperature solder.

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